About LocalPetsy

LocalPetsy is a comprehensive directory dedicated to simplifying pet ownership by connecting pet owners to local pet service businesses across the nation. Housing a vast database of 80,000 business listings, we strive to be the cornerstone of your pet care journey.

Our Services

Our expansive platform spans a diverse range of pet services to suit all your pet care needs:

  • Veterinary Practices
  • Pet Hospitals
  • Grooming Salons
  • Boarding Facilities
  • Dog Walkers
  • Pet Sitters
  • Exotic Pet Specialists

Our Mission

We acknowledge the unique bond between pets and their owners. Our mission is to enhance this relationship by making it easier for you to access and choose high-quality local services, enabling you to spend more time creating memorable moments with your pets.

Our Team

The LocalPetsy team comprises dedicated pet enthusiasts who share a common vision. We are committed to making pet ownership a joy, not a chore, by offering a single, easy-to-navigate platform to find all your local pet services.

Commitment to Accuracy and Relevance

At LocalPetsy, we do more than provide an extensive directory. We work tirelessly to update and improve our platform, ensuring it remains your first choice when seeking local pet services. Our user-friendly interface includes features such as user reviews and ratings, plus a powerful search function that brings you closer to the services you need.

Staying Up-to-Date

Our team closely monitors the pet service industry for new developments, ensuring our directory remains current. We consistently update our listings with the latest service providers, and stay abreast of industry trends to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Beyond a Directory

LocalPetsy is not just a directory—it’s a thriving community of pet owners and service providers. We warmly welcome you to join our family. With LocalPetsy, you and your beloved pets are in good hands. Together, we can simplify the journey of pet ownership, making it more enjoyable and fulfilling for all.