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Latest Reviews


Kathryn Le Veque


I wrote an original positive review after my first two visits. However, that has since changed - drastically.
After my first two visit, my two Himalayan cats seemed fine. But then things started going downhill slowly. My cats aren't high maintenance, but with any cat, being outside of their comfort zone is stressful. At first, my cats were in and out in a couple of hours. Then, it was three or four. Then, the cat groomer, Kathryn, left, and it was just Roni. One day, my small female Himi was there almost seven hours. She get stressed easily and I told Roni that, and she apologized and gave me all kinds of excuses. SEVEN HOURS. The cat was a basket case for two days after I brought her home, and the grooming job wasn't even that good. Seven hours for that?!So, I told Roni the next time that I would no longer be leaving my cats for seven freaking hours. If she couldn't get them done in two or three, I'd go somewhere else. She tried to do better. She brought on more help. I wanted to have faith. After about the fourth or fifth visit, I noticed how my female Himi would scream and run every time I tried to brush her, fighting me like crazy, hissing, just hysterical. My big male, my Seal Point, who was the easiest going can in the world, was also unhappy to be brushed. Couldn't figure out why until I walked in one day to pick up my female cat and could hear her screaming. Two groomers were holding her down and she was literally screaming. And my big Seal Point... I saw them blow drying him and blowing it in his face. He was all backed up against the wall as they were blowing him with hot air in his face. I saw that through the door and would swear in court that's what I saw. That's when I started to figure out that something bad was going on. I told Roni repeatedly not to stress the cats out, just do what she could - but she must have thought that restraining them and freaking them out was okay.
The last straw was December 2, 2015. I brought the cats in because they needed it but by that time I was already looking for another groomer. They were in and out in about three hours and the grooming job was mediocre at best. My fault for taking them back - it really was - because I was hoping that the fear of groomers and the blow drying in the face was a fluke. Maybe I was overreacting. Still, I was looking for another groomer.
Seven days after taking the cats there, my big male Seal Point died suddenly of heart failure. To say we were devastated was an understatement.
The doctor mentioned stress as part of the issue. All of these visions of my big boy being blown in the face with a hot dryer came flooding back to me because at home, the cats have no stress whatsoever. The only stress they got was from the groomer.
Now, I'm not going to come outright and blame groomer for his death but his experiences there certainly didn't help if what I witnessed was any indication. But I have never been back. I will never GO back. I think the salon looks at animals as money makers. Sure, they're nice and Roni makes a show of being polite, but the bottom line is that this is a business and that's how she treats the animals. My female cat is still terrified of being brushed and that I do blame them for. She is the only groomer she has ever gone to and her experience was not a good one, only I didn't realize that until it was too late.
Therefore, if you take your pets here, be very careful. Be advised of how they are really treated. Stay there and watch if you have to because I should have. I should have stayed and I should have prevented my animals from being treated like they were. Is it abuse? I won't go that far. But it certainly wasn't the way I would treat an animal or like my animals to be treated.
This is my experience and I don't want it to be yours. Consumer beware.


mike paulson


Great service. Took great care of my dog. AAAA+++


Edward Pasillas


excellent service my pet dog looks and smells great after grooming , tried other pet salons the last one put soap in his eyes had to take him to vet , one hour is about the normal time she takes with an appointment


Linda Prendergast


My dog, Piper, likes going to A Cut Above for bathing and grooming. They do such a nice job - never too short. Pup has sensitive skin and their "spa treatment" is perfect to soothe her skin and make Piper happy!

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F.A.Q. about A Cut Above Pet Salon

What is the rating of A Cut Above Pet Salon?

The customer consensus has graced A Cut Above Pet Salon with a rating of 4.6 stars, collected from 51 votes.

On which days is A Cut Above Pet Salon operational?

A Cut Above Pet Salon provides its services on the following days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

How may I get in touch with A Cut Above Pet Salon?

For any enquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to them at 19512035560, or visit their official website at http://acutabovepetsalon.net/.

Where is A Cut Above Pet Salon located?

The business premises for A Cut Above Pet Salon are located at 3836 Emerald Ave G, La Verne, CA 91750.