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Latest Reviews


Claudia Molina


I am 50 yrs old. I have owned GSD since born through out their lives enjoying them and grieving them as well. I have always trained them by myself. Well at my parents they did the job and I did it for the two previos to this own in my own house. Meadow, the one I currently have, is my first reactive dog and I had the fortune to get Ginas and AAC details for help. Sending Meadow to them has completely changed my life as a dog owner for so much better. Even though always in love and connected with my dogs I had never felt this kind of connection and love. Pfff the most incredible feeling. She is now calm, friendly, secure, obedient and reads my mind and it is like she only cares about making us happy and enjoying her life. For SURE my next dog, reactive or not will go boarding at ACC to get the very best out of it as well. Thank you Gina and Fabian for letting me enjoy Meadow so much and also teaching me that I did not know all about dogs and that I was able to enjoy them even more.

Response from the owner

Aw thank you. We love Meadow she's so sweet!!!


Theresa Steele


We adopted 1 year old Finn in February after the passing of our ‘soul dog' at just 5 years old. We struggled for 7 months with Finn's hyperness- he is very friendly, but every stimuli turns him into a maniac. I like to joke that if the breeze blows too hard, Finn wants to chase it. Some of our biggest concerns revolved around his distraction level; pulling our arm off when he saw a squirrel, or a dog, and mainly, our cat. He knew all his commands, but we couldn't get him to listen when the least bit stimulated. Finn never showed aggression towards the cat, even playing with him once or twice, but the second the cat walked away, Finn would chase him faster than he could get his legs underneath him. We consulted a couple of trainers about his behavior issues, but everyone suggested treat training, basic obedience, or even getting ‘rid' of him for the safety of our cat. We knew he wasn't a threat to the cat- his chasing behavior was just unwanted. I did a ton of research, read every review, and then I called Gina at ACC.
She was the first person to tell me these behaviors could be totally corrected and spent time on the phone with me answering questions. ACC is also the only trainer we spoke to whose goal is to get your dog OFF the e-collar. It was really appealing to me for Finn not to have to wear it the rest of his life to ensure good behavior. They explained how they teach Finn to think for himself and determine what is good and bad behavior. It was very difficult for us to drop him off and we struggled during the 2 weeks away due to some lingering trauma from having to leave our last boy at the veterinary hospital. It felt like giving a lot of trust to someone we didn't know that well, so if anyone else is hesitating due to the time spent apart, I feel you! But it's so worth it. We felt better after our consultation (which I highly recommend! Ask your questions!) and the pictures and video Gina sent helped put us at ease. Finn was smiling in every picture while he was away.
Finn has been home almost 2 weeks, and what a difference ACC made. We now have the tools to correct his behavior, and more importantly, he knows what we expect of him. Gina, Fabian, and their staff lay the foundation for good behavior. I love their approach- they tell you over and over that they want your dog to be a dog, not a robot. Finn is still himself and a total goofball, but now he has an internal switch to go back and forth into ‘work mode.' I also can't believe how much support we are receiving after going home. We spent an hour and a half in our lesson with Fabian on pick up day, during which he gave us his insight into our particular dog and what he feels is going to work for him. They highly encourage you to send videos working commands, and Gina ALWAYS responds and gives helpful tips and constructive critique, often sending a video of them training whatever scenario we are discussing (eg- walking past another dog appropriately.) I talk to her almost daily, and she never makes me feel like a bother. She takes time to discuss every scenario and has an answer for every question. It is truly a team effort and we're so thankful we took that leap of faith.

Response from the owner

Thank you so much!!! You are doing an amazing job following through! See u soon at our group walks

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ACC (Applied Canine Concepts LLC) provides its services on the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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The business premises for ACC (Applied Canine Concepts LLC) are located at 3155 SW 78th Ave, Palm City, FL 34990.