Advanced Care Small and Exotic Veterinary Hospital

1991 US-22, Bound Brook, NJ 08805

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Latest Reviews


Foreign Badddie


Dr. Barry Stuart is the best veternarian and smartest i have ever met. He listens to all my concerns and takes care of my pets. I would never go to another veterinarian, Dr. Stuart is hands down the best


Niecy Sj


This office lacks affection of warmth and compassion. Doors are locked up, its strange. Almost like the vet is hiding. Vets prices are outrageous. You have to be wealthy to go there. RUN! find another path for vet treatment. There are other vets who are reasonable with pricing putting the emphasis on getting your pet well.


James Young


Like other patients of Dr. Stuart, I was overcharged and misled. I brought in my leopard gecko who took a dramatic turn for the worse over the weekend, she didn't seem like she had much time left. After examined on Monday the Dr stated there was some type of infection but he couldn't tell me why or how it started. I was given antibiotics and a bill for $533! The fees on the bill included services I was not told were being performed and never once was I given any idea of how high the charges would be. The bill would have been easier to swallow if my gecko at least showed signs of improvement or at least even made it through the night. I included my list of charges so any future patients can have an idea of what to expect:Reptile Exam: $133Record Processing: $21.
50SQ Liquid Therapy: $70.
75Baytril Injection: $64.
25Waste Disposal: $10.
25Meloxicam Injection: $57.
25Cytology: $40.
00Baytril Susp: $66.
00Meloxicam: $61.
25Tax: $8.


Gigi O


I have taken a number of my exotic pets and dog to Dr. Stuart, since 2005. As far as I am concerned- he is an expert with ferrets. The location is 1 hour away from my home, but it is totally worth it considering the excellent care he has given my "kids." Years ago, my ferret was misdiagnosed again and again by numerous vets in my area. They all pushed chemo and said she had cancer-I refused to do that without getting an opinion and diagnosis from a vet well versed specifically in exotic animal care. Those other horrible vets and hospitals stole many thousands of dollars from me and did not bring her back to good health. I'm still completely disgusted by their lack of integrity and greed. Anyway, I found Dr. Stuart online and went there for his help and he carefully explained all the test results that I showed him from other vets and he assured me that it was not cancer! He gave me antibiotics and cured her! Simple as that. No BS. He is honest and explains everything thoroughly. Having knowledge and experience with exotics is important to me and he definitely knows his stuff. He saved her life and is now treating another of my ferrets who has insulinoma. I feel safe and confident that she is receiving the best and proper medical attention from Dr. Stuart. Over the years he has proven to be honest and dedicated to his work providing the right kind of care. Other reviews talk about pricing, but compared to the numerous vets I have visited in the past-his rates are very acceptable, because I unfortunately know what it's like to have been completely robbed and lied to by others. Everything that he does (tests- blood work and such) are always warranted and appropriate for diagnosis. I have never had to question why, because he goes over all the details with me before anything. Some people in other reviews don't like all the complex medical jargon, but the fact that he has retained all that detailed info is impressive in itself. It's unfortunate some people wrote negative reviews-I find it upsetting, because that has not been my experience. I have nothing but good things to say. Sometimes our pets are so ill they cannot be saved (just like sick humans). That is sometimes how nature works. They cannot tell us they are sick and animals often instinctually hide symptoms. By the time we realize- it may be too late. Good doctors like Dr. Stuart cannot be held accountable for not being able to save every life. All I know is that he is kind, compassionate and has saved the life of my fur baby and is taking great care of Cookie Bear to my satisfaction and I am extremely grateful to him and so are all my fur babies. And another note-it isn't a run down, dirty facility. I've been to over 10 clinics or hospitals in the bergen county area and some of those places stank of poop and were dirty. This place is always clean and sanitary during our visits.

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What is the rating of Advanced Care Small and Exotic Veterinary Hospital?

The customer consensus has graced Advanced Care Small and Exotic Veterinary Hospital with a rating of 2.7 stars, collected from 12 votes.

On which days is Advanced Care Small and Exotic Veterinary Hospital operational?

Advanced Care Small and Exotic Veterinary Hospital provides its services on the following days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

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For any enquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to them at 17327649595, or visit their official website at

Where is Advanced Care Small and Exotic Veterinary Hospital located?

The business premises for Advanced Care Small and Exotic Veterinary Hospital are located at 1991 US-22, Bound Brook, NJ 08805.