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Latest Reviews


Brandon DuFrane


Dr. G was absolutely fantastic at this hospital. My primary vet (for my dog) no longer accepted exotics so I made an appointment here to get fur baby bird checked here. I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. G. She was very …


Dale Fennell


This is an excellent veterinary practice to take your animal to. They are very professional and compassionate at the same time. They have always taken very good care of my animals. Recently my dog has been diagnosed with diabetes and they …

Response from the owner

Thank you Mr. Fennell! Every dog is different!




We have been going since Dr Wilson started the practice. He has been an amazing vet. He left so we still kept doing business there. Yesterday we had an appointment. My wife waited for almost an hour. She had another appointment so she told them she couldn't wait any longer. She called the next day to reschedule and did so. A few minutes later we received a call saying we had to prepay for our next appointment. I'm like Huh? We don't even do that with our MD. That sounded very cheesy n desperate. Ever since Wilson left or sold it, the care has gone downhill. We switched practices.


Christina Weber


I've been going to Alden now for over a decade. We had Dr. Wilson, who was wonderful and we loved, and trusted.
At first I was reluctant to meet anyone new. Until I met Dr. Josh. The comfort, the ease, the understanding and treatment for my pet was surpassed any other vet doctor. Not to mention the experience and knowledge and articulation he possesses——he is an encyclopedia. Dr. Josh saw my dog through a really difficult experience. An illness that was devastating to me, as an owner and also for what my dog was going through it, and Dr. Josh was there to educate and comfort us with truths and facts.
Today, we had an appointment with Dr. John. Like I said before, I am weary of meeting new Veterinarians due to how we all feel as pet owners— comfortable that our original vet knows your dogs case, they've been there for you and your pet through illness, etc. However, this was the most pleasant experience I've had in so long with meeting a new Vet, since meeting Dr. Josh. Dr. John presented himself as informative, compassionate and was truly dedicated to solving our specific needs and concerns today. I have a 14 year old dog and I was talking about life expectancy for example, and while talking about end of life for animals, he became teary eyed talking about the life of our pets and how we cannot control the inevitable except by giving our pets the best life we can. That's passion. Those are the people I want watching over my baby's health. He even stayed to answer more questions I had. Dr. John is extremely knowledgeable and experienced.
All in all, if you're scared or afraid of seeing someone new or a new face at Alden, don't be! Today, my experience was wonderful meeting Dr. John! Thank you so much!Also, I would like to say a special thank you to Justin, a vet tech at Alden who has known us a long time now. Even with these masks, he remembers my name, my dog's case, and always makes me feel important and feel comfortable while putting my Cooper's health in his hands!I cannot thank this staff enough for their hard work and dedication to our babies. They are all compassionate and love what they do, I can feel it. Thank you all so much for everything!!!!-Christina Weber(Cooper)

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F.A.Q. about Alden Animal Hospital

What is the rating of Alden Animal Hospital?

The customer consensus has graced Alden Animal Hospital with a rating of 4.3 stars, collected from 165 votes.

On which days is Alden Animal Hospital operational?

Alden Animal Hospital provides its services on the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

How may I get in touch with Alden Animal Hospital?

For any enquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to them at 17166853168, or visit their official website at

Where is Alden Animal Hospital located?

The business premises for Alden Animal Hospital are located at 11076 Broadway, Alden, NY 14004.