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Latest Reviews


Shelly Nelson


Echo Rain – DOB 07-25-22We got our German Shepherd puppy at eight weeks old. We both had already had experience with Neal Leas from years ago, so we knew we were going to the right training for this dog in particular. Now with Holly, her mom, Laura, and Heather we found out this Obedience Training has kept up with Neal's strictness and no-nonsense way of training. Not only that but they have kept up to date with other ideas and strategies for individual situations. This is by far the most important thing anyone with a dog should be required to go through in my opinion. It makes everyone happy and safe for a beautiful relationship for the rest of their lives.
When we started Echo in puppy class at eight weeks old, she did pretty well. Of course, she had everything to learn as did we. We felt fairly good about everything. BUT when we started her first Obedience training after puppy class, she started whining a lot and seemed to get distracted and jumping up on us. She had separation anxiety. That could not be tolerated. We had to excuse ourselves immediately out of class and later I text Holly and asked for guidance. She did not hesitate at all to help us with one on one training. We were so thankful. She and Heather both told us exactly what we need to do and how to do it. No messing around. A Strict seven day training for Echo ( and US) mostly US, to use the e-collar. We have already seen a difference in three days. We are not hurting her at all with this e-collar as some people believe. We have it quite low actually, all it does is get her attention to LISTEN to us when we say NO, LEAVE IT, COME, DOWN, whatever our command happens to be. IT WORKS. You have no idea how less stressful life is already. Echo is six months now and already showing great improvement.
The other major thing Holly did for us is help us with fitting the collar, recommending a good leash, and not holding back on telling us the facts of life. Dogs are animals and they need to be trained well, they look up to us for guidance, if we don't give that to them they will be scared and nervous and decide for themselves what to do, which leads to dangerous situations/ mistakes. Dogs don't want to be bad, they want to please. We have to teach them what we want out of them. We want them to be good and happy so we are all happy and the Dogs want that too.
I recommend this training for anyone with any type of puppy or dog. They have a wonderful team who work well together and can give you the help you need when they see it, or you mention it to them. SUPER HELPFUL. Thank you so much to the whole team. It has changed our lives with our German Shepherd already and we have more to go!! LOVE!!


Mark and Marisa Malaney


Highly Recommend! I started Finley's training with a different trainer when she was about 16 weeks old. After 5 weeks of training and not learning much, I knew it wasn't working. I read reviews for many different dog trainers and always …


Amy Johnson


Holly's 6-week obedience class was perfect for our two dogs. Her training class gave us the tools to feel confident as handlers and for our dogs to feel confident with fundamental commands like sit, sit-stay, down, down-stay, etc. I would highly recommend to anyone with a new puppy or adult dog to take Holly's classes.


Logan Hulst


We first started with Holly's classes when Luna our Aussie was 10 weeks old. During our very first class Luna refused to walk on a leash, she either rolled over trying to bite it, or would make us or the trainers drag her through class that …

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