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Latest Reviews


Gretchen Yingling


Very dedicated group of volunteers. Everyone goes above and beyond! All members are in it for the right reasons.


Ethan Sibio


First, i support rescues, and this is not a review of the way they treat dogs. This is a review on my experience with how they run their business.
The application process for the dog I wanted to rescue was absolutely horrible. There are questions that didn't have an answer, like "Who else lives in the household" followed by "please enter the other person's living in the household" when you miss an answer (I missed 5 or so because I figured you could leave the ones that didn't apply blank) the form does not highlight the error location, so you have to skim the whole thing again to figure out what you missed. Very sloppy and unprofessional form engine.
Halfway through, they talk about heartworm medication and vetting.
The rescue REQUIRES you give your dog the regular heartworm meds, based on their OPINION of the risk. They also state they will be checking up with the vet regularly to make sure the prescription is filled.
Yes, heartworms are bad. Which is why you do regular TESTING. But it is going to be my dog, and in my opinion, regular heartworm meds pose more risk by weakening the dogs immune system than the risk of heartworms themselves. Which is about the same odds of a person getting cancer, while weakening your dog's ability to fight off more regular and common illnesses like parvo, or distemper.
Not to downplay the seriousness of cancer or heartworms, if you could take a pill and "possibly" prevent getting cancer, but at the risk a bad cold or flu might take you out instead, would you do it? Personally I wouldn't. I know I will get the cold or a flu, but I don't know if I will get cancer. Many Vets agree with this. Some do not, which is why it's called an opinion.
In the end i feel the the rescue should not decide how I vet my dog after rescuing.
I was obviously declined when I put in the application I did not agree with the vetting for heartworm.




I am on my third adoption from here and plan to continue. Dedicated volunteers that give freely of their own time and money. They feel more like a family and they make a lifetime commitment to their dogs. What I love most is that a dog does not have to be a thoroughbred show dog for them to rescue. The dog just has to be in danger.


Danni H.


If I could give zero I would. I love that they are taking care of and rescuing Shepherds! It's the way they handle their business. The application was long and had some questions on there that weren't easy to answer. We had to leave some blank. I'm not sure if that is part of the reason we didn't hear from them for a few days. We had to call and leave a message but they didn't get back to us for 2 days. When they say they will call back within 24 hours. They also lost our application and found it when we called them. They took forever to email us back as well. It was a constant cat and mouse game. It seemed like they didn't take us seriously. I went to call today to get answer but wanted to check their hours. I went to their facebook and saw the sweet dogo we wanted was adopted to another couple. They didn't let us know or let us know they didn't think we were fit enough. Communication is key but they don't have it. We are done with them and will adopt elsewhere.

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What is the rating of All Shepherd Rescue?

The customer consensus has graced All Shepherd Rescue with a rating of 3.8 stars, collected from 14 votes.

On which days is All Shepherd Rescue operational?

All Shepherd Rescue provides its services on the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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For any enquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to them at 14107756473, or visit their official website at

Where is All Shepherd Rescue located?

The business premises for All Shepherd Rescue are located at 5007 Honeygo Center Dr, Perry Hall, MD 21128.