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Latest Reviews




Our favorite groomer! The mobile van makes it so convenient for me and less stressful for our dog. Randy is a fantastic -very professional (easy to communicate/schedule, on time, great work). He brings the Aloha spirit with him -you can tell he truly cares about his customers. Our Sheltie always looks terrific after a visit (no small task with all the fur) and is happy to see uncle Randy. Couldn't ask for a better experience!


Brian Wright


Need more techs so we can all get brushed ;)


Chuck Veilleux


This groomer has taken complete advantage with pricing grooms since there is a high demand and not enough mobile groomers. We previously served the North Kitsap area and are getting reports back on excessively high prices being paid for …

Response from the owner

Thank you for the valuable feedback. Chuck & Linnie we wish you all the best in your retirement, Sweetbrier Patch Mobile Grooming will be missed. I have reached out in concern and support to Linnie several times during your injury without a reply. It saddens me to receive this unnecessary public display of gossip, slander and hostility from you, Chuck. What we have done at Aloha Pet Mobile Grooming has taken 30 years of experience to become an industry leader in our region, raising the standard of care for pets and their pet care providers. We are providing the next and current generation of groomers with a livable wage, we are very proud to provide salary that is well above the national average, medical benefits, paid family leave and most importantly a proper work-life balance. There are many reasons grooming is currently experiencing such a high retirement rate. The average grooming career is 7 years, especially in our region as we age out, and we are doing what we can to reverse that trend to provide for the future of Kitsap county pets. Chuck, as for your claim that we are overpricing, we are certainly not! The following link is to the latest state of our industry report on grooming wages that can be found on page 87 for our Pacific region being $106.50 an hour for 2022: We are currently priced well below that average as we struggle with your perception, and other's that are likeminded, that professional groomers should continue to be exploited for their labor and talent. The PetCorp grooming and apparently your perception thrive on exploiting the caretaking and often sacrificial nature of groomers. We care deeply for the pets in our care, and are passionate enough to work for very little if we had to in the past. Aloha Pet Mobile Grooming is changing that for the better. Chuck, as you criticize me for empowering the women in my employ, I have a growing appreciation for the truly supportive cohorts I have found in the other grooming business owners in the region. In no particular order: Laurie, Suds n' Styles, thank you for your supportive warmth over the years. You were the first to reach out when we landed from Hawaii. Jaime and I so enjoyed our first luncheon with you and Karen. Karen, Kitsap Mobile Grooming, thank you for welcoming my daughter Lillian into your company and providing her first job on the mainland with you and Aubrey. Aubrey, Kitsap Mobile Grooming, thank you for your continued friendship and supportive advice. I do love seeing your family grow and prosper over the years. Julie, The Fluffy Ruff, thank you for so much more than I could mention here. You are a mentor for so many in our profession. I am particularly grateful for the time you opened your studio to me so I could continue to service my customers while the engine in my van was being replaced twice. Samantha, Groovy Grooming, let's raise a glass together again soon as there is so much to catch up on. And to all the others that I have not personally met, but have texted and cross-referred clients. Mostly our Aloha Pet Mobile Ohana: Sunni, Erica, Amanda, Jillian, and Courtney I am very proud of the culture we have formed together at APMG! Jaime and I appreciate every one of you and love the support and camaraderie we have for each other. Thank you all for doing your part everyday to grow and raise standards for our industry. I am very excited for us as we look forward to opening Poulsbo Pet Club, a place for Kitsap pets to call their own very soon. Thanks for having my back. I most certainly have yours. - Randy S Hess


Monica Ledbetter


My mom and dad gave me a haircut during COVID and learned a valuable lesson. They called a professional this time and now my haircut matches my personality again. Randy, did a really good job and he sang to me.

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F.A.Q. about Aloha Pet Mobile Grooming

What is the rating of Aloha Pet Mobile Grooming?

The customer consensus has graced Aloha Pet Mobile Grooming with a rating of 4.1 stars, collected from 27 votes.

On which days is Aloha Pet Mobile Grooming operational?

Aloha Pet Mobile Grooming provides its services on the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday

How may I get in touch with Aloha Pet Mobile Grooming?

For any enquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to them at 13609326139, or visit their official website at

Where is Aloha Pet Mobile Grooming located?

The business premises for Aloha Pet Mobile Grooming are located at 931 NE Winston Dr, Bremerton, WA 98311.