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Latest Reviews


Scott Bohrer


An absolute gem when it comes to dog boarding. We are SF residents and for the amount of space they have and the value it is worth the quick drive. Our pup Leo has been going here for 3 years now. Staff is super communicative and everyone there really loves their furry customers


Pegi Wheatley


I am a local resident who began bringing my 1.
5 year old Standard Poodle, Majik, for daycare a few months ago. The daycare service was great, and everyone that I had spoken with was so informative and thorough, verifying our dog's vaccination/health status. Our main focus was gaining control of the smartest (of 4) standard poodles. While we did a few sessions with recommended training professionals, Alpha Dog had been so effective for daycare, we called to inquire about daycare and training that allowed us to have him to share our beds while they did the training.
It has been an incredible experience! The training manager, Samantha McCabe, set up his weekly schedule was very helpful with setting up his weekly schedule, guided us through our outdoor and in-home concerns. His primary trainer, Tiana, and Sierra, handled Majik with such care, working with him out at Crissy Field and the Mill Valley Dop Run 2x a week. After only a few sessions, we noticed an enormous (quantum leap!) increase in his responsiveness. He now comes running even if distracted by other dogs (which are his favorite). She even worked with us at the beach to show us how to continue reinforcing the training! He comes, he stops and drops mid run, which might save his life in a threatening situation.
AlphaDog, I am really grateful that we thought to come to you and let you lead the way on how we gain control. We are receiving so much value in the training…And in having a more exercised dog who is less unruly around other dogs… Thank you for all you do!


Cristine Siongco


This is probably a long review I should have written a few weeks ago, but I believe in giving businesses the benefit of the doubt.
We boarded Basil here for about 10 days in July and opted for some training to keep him stimulated during his stay, and hopefully improve some of his loose leash walking skills. It was his first time boarding (other than the trial night) and we were notified that Basil had some issues adjusting and slight anxiety while in the crate. We were assured that this was normal for first timers and that he was improving each day. We thought nothing more of this since the report cards we were receiving mentioned that he was doing well and his training was progressing quickly. We picked up him after returning from our trip and the next day Basil had developed kennel cough. We weren't surprised, since we knew how common and frequent contracting kennel cough could be, but immediately called Alpha Dog to let them know so that they could be aware and notify other customers. Initially they denied having any kennel cough cases during Basil's stay, but after talking to the staff about his symptoms more, they admitted that they had two cases during that week but there was no way Basil could have caught it since they were in seperate yards. We found that hard to believe since it's highly infectious, but again, we knew this was a possibility when boarding him and did not not think more. We would, however, have liked more transparency about Alpha Dog having any cases with their customers, like most training/daycare places do in the Bay Area.
While we notified them of Basil contracting kennel cough, my partner and I also reached out to Alpha Dog on 3 separate occasions to get feedback from their team on Basil's extended stay and the training that they completed with him. We never heard back after leaving voicemails and messages with the staff who assured us that the managers would give us a call back. It was a bit upsetting not to hear back from any of times we reached out, especially since some of the training notes mentioned that there are some items that they want to teach and review with us. Life got busy, so we put it all on the backburner, but still no outreach from anyone at AlphaDog. We were disappointed by the lack of service, feedback and communication despite paying over $1100 for his stay and training.
The final straw for us though is we recently reached out to Alpha Dog to see if they can take Basil for two nights, since a friend had to pull out of watching Basil last minute. Despite our previous experience, we decided to give it one more shot, but again we received no reply to our email. My partner followed up by phone and we were told that Basil was not allowed to board with them anymore since he was anxious the last time. We were told that a manager would need to approve his stay request and that they would have them contact us shortly to discuss. Again, we heard nothing from them at all. I'll be the first to admit that Basil is not perfect, but he's well trained, socialized, happy, and a quick learner. And after repeatedly asking for feedback on multiple occasions, this is the exact kind of information we would have welcomed and worked on with him.
Overall we're really disappointed in the service they provided, or lack thereof. It truly seems like they do not care for his training, improvement, or transparency with us. They don't even bother to respond to calls or emails. All this time we could have been working on his overnight stay anxiety or spent the money training him elsewhere where they provide actual feedback and results. Please consider going elsewhere. We've had great experience with Fetch! Bay Area in case you're looking for recommendations for boarding.


J Campbell


I was referred by Canine Cove. I left my dog for 2 days. They're were great. No issues, my dog was happy and healthy when I picked her up.

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F.A.Q. about AlphaDog Lodging

What is the rating of AlphaDog Lodging?

The customer consensus has graced AlphaDog Lodging with a rating of 4.3 stars, collected from 51 votes.

On which days is AlphaDog Lodging operational?

AlphaDog Lodging provides its services on the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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For any enquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to them at 14153832111, or visit their official website at

Where is AlphaDog Lodging located?

The business premises for AlphaDog Lodging are located at 230 Shoreline Hwy, Mill Valley, CA 94941.