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Latest Reviews


Jared kaleb


I had a similar experience when we took our cat in for a simple dental procedure. Received a call from their office pushing for several extra things to be done. We had no issue with the expense but the aggressive nature of the office staff and lack of transparency was very concerning. Not much we could do cat was already under. Our cat has many issues now after the procedure and this is what is the most concerning part for our family. Stay away. Hesitated posting but saw another review and prompted me to act as well. Do yourself a favor chose another vet dental clinic.

Response from the owner

Hello Jared, We have no record of a pet coming in belonging to you. Could you please let me know what pet you speak of, so I may review the case? I would like to personally address the concerns that you have and try to help. Respectfully, Cristal Wheeler Office Manager


Stacy Mead


My 11 year old dog had an abscess high in his gum line that actually was causing an infection in his body to present as rashes. The vet I had been taking him to (on a military base) did not do dental work. Dr. Hall was the first place that would take him so of course I took him there. I asked how much a tooth removal costs and the answer I got was that there is a range between $1200 and $2000.... Okay, that seemed to be in the average range when I checked around.
The first thing the doc says to me after an initial exam is the tooth is not cracked so it is probably cancer... What??? He said, "What else would cause this?" So now I am a little freaked out, but he says he going to send samples away for testing so we will find out in few days. Dr. Hall was quick to put down other places ...
he was quite haughty.
I also ask him to skip the cleaning because he had just had his teeth cleaned about 4 months prior and since it wasn't necessary, I would like to cut some costs. Needless to say I pick my dog up later that day and the bill is $3,361.
00!!!!And at that point I was stuck!!!! They didn't call to ask me if they should add all these extra expenses ... Ughhh. His eye had a lot of drainage when I picked him up, no one made note... Just said it was normal. Then it kept getting worse. He had never had drainage before the surgery. I called the office and they said it had nothing to do with the surgery. Really??? Because he was fine before and hasn't even played because the stitches needed time to heal. So I look up information and figured it out myself : His face was swollen from the surgery and was pressing on the tear duct... Dr. Hall wanted me to spend more $$ to go to a doggie eye doctor he knew. I felt scammed by the whole process.
My dog is now fine, but this place made a somewhat stressful experience into a very stressful, very expensive experience.

Response from the owner

Hi Stacy, You came for an abscessed & fractured K9 tooth in October. During scheduling, you asked for an estimate. We didn't know what was wrong w/Jake, yet., but we could estimate an assessment (consult, x-rays, cone beam CT scan, complete dental cleaning & blood work). Dr. Hall noted during the consult Jake's problem was unlikely due to an abscess but would need to look w/Jake under anesthesia. You said Jake had had a cleaning in March (by a GP doctor) but there was significant build up on Jake's teeth, & Dr. Hall recommended having them cleaned while here. You agreed in writingDr. Hall did not discuss cancer or any other concerns at this time. During the assessment, Dr. Hall found an oral mass over Jake's K9 tooth (among other issues). There was also bone loss under the mass, leading Dr. Hall to be concerned. He instantly contacted you to discuss the options. You chose to extract the mass, K9 tooth, 1 other, & send all in for testing. He told you it this change the cost to about $2-3k, the final price depending on the time it took to complete. He asked if you wanted a more specific quote, but you declined. The next day, Dr. Hall called to ask how Jake was doing. He was doing well. Two days later, you called to say he had some eye discharge. Our staff discussed the use of eye lube during surgery & asked if it could be the discharge. You said you would check & call back. I followed up later & left a message. You brought Jake in the next day to have Dr. Hall look at his eye. He noted some mild dehiscence of the surgical site (it came apart) & left eye had some clear discharge, both likely from pawing. While no obvious issues could be seen, if it didn't improve or worsened, he recommended seeing Jake's GP doctor or an ophthalmologist. You called later that day & we spoke at length (over 2 calls). I noted Jake had been fully examined before leaving the clinic, as is policy, & was cleared for discharge on the day of surgery. He could have rubbed his mouth & eye at any time since. You were adamant this didn't happened as you have watched him constantly over the last 96 hours. I tried to explain how impossible that was, as we all sleep, eat, etc. I offered to coordinate care w/his GP or doctor of your choice but that was unacceptable. When you asked about ophthalmologists, I offered to find out who Dr. Hall used for his own pets. This is the only time an eye doctor was discussed. As for swelling pressing Jake's tear duct, that is highly unlikely. Jake is a Border Collie. His muzzle tip is several inches from his eyes, which is where we worked. The amount of swelling necessary to impede the tear duct would be extreme & need to encompass the entire left side. This kind of swelling was never noted by our staff or yourself. Your unannounced recheck was done for free. Dr. Hall provided antibiotics to preemptively stem off infection after Jake opened his surgical site, for free. When you returned for your scheduled 2-week checkup (free), Jake's mouth had healed sufficiently to return to normal life. His eye had mild serous epiphora. It was recommended you seek out a doctor w/more eye experience, as Dr. Hall specializes in the mouth. In closing, you were part of the entire process & the costs. He left our clinic cleared for discharge. It wasn't until 2 days later you noted the eye issue, & we performed a free recheck on day 4 & 14. We recommended care w/appropriate doctors for his eye, and to coordinate. We can't control what a pet does once it leaves our clinic. As for the oral mass in Jake's mouth, it was benign, thankfully. Respectfully, Cristal Wheeler Office Manager


Gabriel Anaya


Great service with very nice staff who explain everything in great detail and really take care of the animals. My very anxious pup was back to 100% in less than 24 hours after a cleaning and tooth extraction.

Response from the owner

Hi Gabriel, I am so glad we could help Elvis. He is such a sweet pup! Tooth resorption is a painful and progressive disease. Luckily, we were able to help him with the tooth it was effecting. Please give him a big hug and belly rub for us! Respectfully, Cristal Wheeler Office Manager


Gabi Cueva


My void boy went in as a 4 year old, and left actually being 7+ years old!! (T_T) Not the staff's fault, I just got bad intel from his rescue. Last time I took him to his primary vet they warned me about his attitude and that I had to give him Gabapentin prior to his visits with them, but I got no such warning here! They told me he was so sweet and had "friendship time" (or something like that) with him after he woke up from his sedation. Dr. Hall is so good with cats and my cat was nothing but calm in his visit. Not so calm on his ride home lol. Highly recommend.

Response from the owner

Hi Gabi, I am so glad Casper is doing well! Tooth resorption is a painful and progressive disease. Poor Casper just didn't know how to tell you about it. Thankfully, Dr. Hall was able to diagnose it for you and together you came up with a plan to make his mouth healthier and less painful. He was very good for us. We look forward to seeing you both back for his 9 month COHAT (comprehensive oral health assessment and treatment). Thank you for the kind words. We appreciate you taking the time to share Casper's story. Respectfully, Cristal Wheeler Office Manager

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