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1215 E Burlington Ave, Fort Morgan, CO 80701

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Latest Reviews


Kimberly Erdossy


My cat had an emergency at 3 AM, the vet called me quickly and came into the office to get him seen asap. Honestly I don't know what I would do without this clinic


rebekah kjonaas


“Dr.” Heidi Yonkey needs to go back to school!! She killed my geriatric therapy dog of 18 years!, because she doesn't know how to treat anything older than her!! She was blatantly pompous and wouldn't listen to me when it came to my fur …


Randy Johnson


An amazing vet definitely you could tell he loves his job he took pride at his job was very very nice with the new puppies and the two older dogs when giving them their shots an amazing veterinarian clinic for sure


Brandon Hankel


I have had four interactions with this Vet clinic, one visit was okay. We had a second visit with the gentlemen vet who is amazing and would highly recommend him, but this Veterinary Clinic as a whole is disappointing. I once called during an emergency when my dog was having a stroke about 2 hours before they closed begging for help and an emergency visit. The women on the phone sent me away and told me to go to Greeley. I shook it off and continued bringing my animals there as they are the only full service vet in the area.
Last night we called with an emergency, our five month old chihuahua was unable to move, eat, drink, and had an extremely low temperature. The vet called back quick and we agreed to an emergency visit. Once we arrived she evaluated the dog and tested for parvo. Once that came up negative she said it could possibly be a viral or bacterial infection but she was unsure. She was running an extremely low temp which was dangerous and said she needed to warm up. She suggested keeping her overnight and putting her on an iv and heating pad. We asked if she would be alone and she said yes. We asked several times about what else it could be and what the options would be for the next day assuming she didnt improve. She couldn't tell us. She did basic blood work which she said she wouldn't have done if she stayed over night till the next day, which was to determine if her organs were failing. Why she wouldn't want to confirm that before leaving her alone for the night is beyond me. I decided to take her home and try and find out what to do next. She clearly was not going to try and do anything more for her that night. And had no idea what was wrong with her, but would not say that. She said that there were other tests that could be done the next day if they could figure out what to test for, but couldn't tell us what or possible costs. She said they would be based on her symptoms which were clearly getting worse. She received fluids and we left. After leaving I just didn't feel right, as I didn't feel right leaving her there alone. I called two other vets and got another opinion as well from a family friend. I decided to drive her two hours to another emergency clinic. By the time we got there she was COMPLETELY unresponsive, I was able to warm her body temp up but that didn't help her improve. Within five minutes of taking her to the second clinic the doc came in and asked me to run her through what happened as I did with the first vet. She explained all her symptoms were textbook for Marijuana toxicity and knew how to treat her immediately. Which was very hard to believe as we don't use it. The vet explained that with her size she could have got in contact with even a crumb and it cause these symptoms. She got her on an iv and heating pad, and began treatment. They tested her and came up positive. She knew what was wrong even before she asked me her symptoms. The same symptoms that she displayed at the first vet. If I would have left my dog there unattended overnight like she suggested they said the likelihood of her aspirating and dying was high. My puppy would have died because she didn't want to do anymore until the next day. I payed extra for an emergency visit and service which I did not receive. I understand being unaware of what's wrong with a dog, but if that's the case be honest and send her to someone who can help, or try and do more. I'm so happy I followed my gut and took her to get a second opinion. I have had a good experience with the male vet at this location but due to this I will NEVER bring my animals to them again. Nor will I ever suggest anyone take their pets here.

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F.A.Q. about Fort Morgan Veterinary Clinic

What is the rating of Fort Morgan Veterinary Clinic?

The customer consensus has graced Fort Morgan Veterinary Clinic with a rating of 4.6 stars, collected from 263 votes.

On which days is Fort Morgan Veterinary Clinic operational?

Fort Morgan Veterinary Clinic provides its services on the following days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

How may I get in touch with Fort Morgan Veterinary Clinic?

For any enquiries, do not hesitate to reach out to them at 19708679477, or visit their official website at

Where is Fort Morgan Veterinary Clinic located?

The business premises for Fort Morgan Veterinary Clinic are located at 1215 E Burlington Ave, Fort Morgan, CO 80701.