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The A.H. Dog Training LLC brand is represented by 1 establishments, scattered across 1 cities and 1 regions. The average rating of establishments under the A.H. Dog Training LLC name stands at 5.0.

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"Highly recommend AH Dog Training. Amy is an excellent trainer with high end skills. Our dog Dusty responded to her commands immediately and we have implemented what she taught us to make Dusty an even better dog. Amy is always on-time, …"

"We LOVE Aimee at A.
H. Dog Training. And our doggy BUTTER loves her even more. Her training sessions are focused and BUTTER learned behavioral commands that he continues to do even when Aimee is not around. We get compliments on BUTTERS behavior all the time. Aimee always gives a recap after each session and stresses the importance of practicing daily. Our 2yr old Golden Doodle is extremely active and Aimee understands exactly what to do to get him to be obedient using commands without rough handling. We've done 2, six week sessions about 8 months apart in order to get even more extensive public access training. Now we enter parks, malls and shops and BUTTER is very well behaved. He does not jump on people, other animals air children. And he's never barked in public. Aimee also hosts doggy socials to get dogs socialized together with a variety of dogs. BUTTER went from a wild pup to our DREAM dog that we plan to travel with. Thank you Aimee. We'll see you at a dog social."

"Most amazing & highly knowledgeable trainer! My husband & I got a puppy a few months back & had zero knowledge what to do next & how to be the best pup-parents to Luna… we quickly realized that our good intentions weren't enough, so we …"