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What is the count of establishments under the banner of Animal Behavior College?

The Animal Behavior College brand is represented by 1 establishments, scattered across 1 cities and 1 regions. The average rating of establishments under the Animal Behavior College name stands at 3.9.

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"Animal behavior college is excellent in providing a well -rounded education and it basically any career choice you choose. Last year I done veterinarian assistant this year. I signed up for the obedience dog training program. I highly …"

"It was really great speaking with admissions on the phone at Animal Behavior College. They sounded just as passionate as myself about dogs which made me feel like I chose the best school possible to take my Dog Trainers certification. So far, the course material has been easy to read and learn. I like the style they use on the website, it's easy to navigate.
It is a great feeling to start this journey with ABC and have them support me as I go through this journey!"

"I found ABC online after finding a school to get my grooming certificate. I completed all the course work. But when it came to the externship it took 2 months for them to find me an externship location and after I was at the first location for 6 months I did the best job that I could and I knew what I was doing but the externship location was changed which took another month for them to find one. I ended up getting switched to a different location for the externship 4 times!! Because all the groomers that were at these sites didn't have the time to train me. I never ended up Graduating from ABC because they decided to put me through all this and they mentioned the fourth site if they found one and they got the feedback from the groomer that that site wouldn't work with me they would expel me from the program. I would not recommend this school to anyone!! They take your money and they don't follow through with their promises."