Frequently Asked Questions about Petco

What is the count of establishments under the banner of Petco?

The Petco brand is represented by 1321 establishments, scattered across 1113 cities and 50 regions. The average rating of establishments under the Petco name stands at 4.2.

What are the rumors about Petco?

"Very rude with horrible customer service. They made it very known that they didn't want to make a sale since we waited a half hour for help and then we were told it was too close to closing for them to help us."

"I purchased my precious budgie (Buddy) 3 years ago at Petco. On Jan 2 this year I received a Happy Birthday Message for him! How sweet it was. It included a free purchase for him. I went to the store and bought new toys for him. Petco treats their Pet Parents really well. Thank You"

"I LOVE this Petco and all of the staff! I bring my puppos, Mr. Frodo and Lt. Barclay, here once a week for their nail trim and teeth brushing. We see Dee in the grooming salon and she is awesome! Mr. Frodo is particularly anxious and antsy, but she is so good with him. I would not want to see anyone else! When we walk into the store, the staff greets my pups like they are celebrities. Although Petco is a major retail chain, this location has a very mom and pop shop type vibe in terms of customer relationships. I could go on and on about how great the staff is, but this would be a paragraphs long review. To make a long story short, we absolutely HEART Petco North Kingstown!"