Petco Dog Training

Petco Dog Training

Frequently Asked Questions about Petco Dog Training

What is the count of establishments under the banner of Petco Dog Training?

The Petco Dog Training brand is represented by 774 establishments, scattered across 703 cities and 49 regions. The average rating of establishments under the Petco Dog Training name stands at 4.1.

What are the rumors about Petco Dog Training?

"It was our first day of training. But so far we love it 😀 …"

"Although the trainer was nice enough, however we paid for 6 weeks of training classes. After the first class we noticed during the next couple of classes that out of the hour we paid for we were only getting ten minutes of one on one …"

"Every time I bring my dog in for a bath everyone is always very friendly and patient as my dog get a little nervous with new people. I only say new because she doesn't see the groomers all the time."