Petco Dog Training in Hawaii

Petco Dog Training in Hawaii

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What is the count of organizations titled "Petco Dog Training" located within Hawaii?

Within Hawaii, there exist 5 organizations titled "Petco Dog Training". The median rating of these "Petco Dog Training" organizations in Hawaii is 4.88

What are the rumors about Petco Dog Training?

"Very friendly staff and organized place. They always have my dog food in stock and I always get some treats from staff."

"They have some of the best people in the grooming department. found out today they started charging for bags. Corporate might want to rethink their business strategies if not charging for bags is whats going to make or break the company. I guess chew is going to earn more of my business."

"Went there for fish. The selection was not the best and it took almost 20 minutes to get some help. But once I got help they were very nice and helped us get some new fish for our tank. Hopefully we just caught them on a bad day for their selection."